Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (2023)

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70. The Hunt (2020) 69. Mortal Engines (2018) 68. The foreigner (2017) 67. Hamlet (1996) 66. Payback (1999) 65. Desperado (1995) 64. Without Remorse (2021) 63. Quantum of Solace (2008) 62. Munich (2005) 61. Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995) 60. Mystic River (2003) 59. Patriot Games (1992) 58. Nobody (2021) 57. Dead Man’s Shoes (2004) 56. The invisible man (2020) 55. Peppermint (2018) 54. Wrath of Man (2021) 53. Audition (1999) 52. The Italian Job (2003) 51. Revenge (2017) 50. Taken (2008) 49. Point Blank (2019) 48. The Lion King (2019) 47. Gladiator (2000) 46. Gone girl (2014) 45. Leon: The Professional (1994) 44. Django Unchained (2012) 43. Carrie (2013) 42. Ghost (1990) 41. Mad Max (1979) 40. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) 39. Once Upon a time in West (1968) 38. Man on Fire (2004) 37. In the Bedroom (2001) 36. Death Wish (2018) 35. Equilibrium (2002) 34. I spit on your grave (2010) 33. Gangs of New York (2002) 32. The Crow (1994) 31. The Nightingale (2018) 30. Law Abiding Citizen (2009) 29. Hanna (2011) 28. The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) 27. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) 26. Mean Creek (2004) 25. The Last House on the Left (2009) 24. Carlitos Way (1993) 23. V for Vendetta (2005) 22. Sleepers (1996) 21. Machete (2010) 20. Straw Dogs (1971) 19. The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) 18. Now You See Me (2013) 17. The Equalizer (2014) 16. John Wick (2014) 15. The Handmaiden (2016) 14. I saw the devil (2010) 13. Four Brothers (2005) 12. Promising Young Woman (2020) 11. Double Jeopardy (1999) 10. Lady Snowblood (1973) 9. Head Hunters (2011) 8. True Grit (1969) 7. Dogville (2003) 6. Oldboy (2003) 5. The Prestige (2006) 4. Memento (2000) 3. Inglourious Basterds (2009) 2. Kill Bill (2003) 1. The Godfather (1972) Videos

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (1)

What do you do after all the inspirational, feel-good movies and realize life doesn’t always get so easy?

But then there is one celebrated genre to make it all go away, revenge movies.

Tarantino, Spielberg, Scorsese to Korean, and Scandinavian the list goes on with some of the finest movies ever made in history.

Though we are not endorsing any of the things that are shown in these movies, nonetheless here are some great movies of merciless, unapologetic revenge stories for the sake of pure entertainment.

Here are ENTOIN’S top 70 revenge movies.

70. The Hunt (2020)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (2)

TitleThe Hunt
Release Year2020
Watch time90 min
DirectorsCraig Zobel
CastBetty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, Ike Barinholtz, Wayne Duvall
Domestic Box office---
IMDb Rating6.5
WritersNick Cuse
Music ByNathan Barr
Cinematography ByDarran Tiernan
Costume ByMatthew Munn

A story about being hunted and becoming the hunter. Twelve strangers are abducted and sent into the woods and they find a crate full of weapons, and as they arm themselves, they find that they are being hunted down by a group of the elite class who have condemned them for their deplorable conservative views.

The movie centers mainly around two characters Athena and Crystal. One of the hunters is the CEO who has arranged this dangerous game and one from the other group has already worked in Afghanistan and is familiar with guns and wounds.

Betty Gilpin does an outstanding performance that becomes one of the highlights of the movie.

The political affiliation of the movie was also highly controversial but we are not getting into that.

We’re here for the pure love of movies.

69. Mortal Engines (2018)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (3)

TitleMortal Engines
Release Year2018
Watch time128 min
DirectorsChristian Rivers
CastHera Hilmar, Robert Sheehan, Hugo Weaving, Jihae
Domestic Box office$15.95M
IMDb Rating6.1
WritersFran Walsh
Music ByJunkie XL
Cinematography BySimon Raby
Costume ByPete Butters

Years after the cataclysmic sixty minutes war, the rest of humanity now survives as traction cities following “ Municipal Darwinism”.

Larger predator cities hunt the smaller ones. There are also some alternate settlements that don’t follow the traction city rules and exist as “static settlements”.

London has now set on a mission to exploit the smaller settlements' energy sources. Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving) is a ruthless leader working on a secret program.

His daughter Katherine is innocent. Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan) is a historian trying to hide the salvaged ancient weapon tech.

When Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar) tries to assassinate Thaddeus, Tom uncovers one of his secrets and gets thrown out of London.

The fiction and facts come together to give a deadly experience. With a bit of greenery here, and there post-apocalyptic earth doesn’t look that scary though.

It’s a good movie worth watching.


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68. The foreigner (2017)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (4)

TitleThe Foreigner
Release Year2017
Watch time113 min
DirectorsMartin Campbell
CastKatie Leung, Jackie Chan, Rufus Jones, Mark Tandy
Domestic Box office$34.39M
IMDb Rating7
WritersDavid Marconi
Music ByCliff Martinez
Cinematography ByDavid Tattersall
Costume ByAlex Cameron

The 2017 action thriller film is based on the 1992 novel The Chinaman by Stephen Leather.

The widowed Ngoc Minh Quan(Jackie Chan) loses his only daughter Fan in a terrorist bombing.

The Irish republican group "Authentic IRA" takes responsibility for the bombing. Quan, a former guerrilla operative and Vietnam War special operations force soldier sets out to get his daughter the justice she deserves.

His quest takes him to Northern Ireland government deputy minister Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) a former ally of the group.

A thrilling adventure ensues. Rather than the comical element pertinent to the Jackie Chan movies, the foreigner has something very different and dark to offer and we couldn’t be any happier about it.


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67. Hamlet (1996)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (5)

Release Year1996
Watch time242 min
DirectorsKenneth Branagh
CastKenneth Branagh, Julie Christie, Derek Jacobi, Kate Winslet
Domestic Box office$4.41M
IMDb Rating7.7
WritersWilliam Shakespeare
Music ByPatrick Doyle
Cinematography ByAlex Thomson
Costume ByTim Harvey

As the name clearly states the movie is an adaptation of the William Shakespeare classic.

Hamlet, the prince of Denmark returns home as his father is dead and there is an immediate marriage of his mother to his uncle.

The immediacy of the events and his suspicions haunt Hamlet. In between a love that goes mad and a spirit haunting him, reality drives Hamlet into very unfortunate situations.

Style, art, and aesthetics with great casting make Hamlet, a very fine movie to watch.


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66. Payback (1999)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (6)

Release Year1999
Watch time100 min
DirectorsBrian Helgeland
CastMel Gibson, Gregg Henry, Maria Bello, David Paymer
Domestic Box office$81.53M
IMDb Rating7.1
WritersDonald E. Westlake
Music ByChris Boardman
Cinematography ByEricson Core
Costume ByRichard Hoover

Payback is an extremely distinctive movie, mainly due to the film noir-ish style of the cinematography.

In shades of dark and dust, the low life of the city sets the premise for the story.

Porter, though a former US Marine wasn’t a good man, when he comes back to the good side it's time to take revenge on everyone who backstabbed him.

It is later revealed how his wife was also fooled into believing that Porter cheated on her but he was late in saving her from overdosing which all, in the end, points to one of the faces that he trusted.

In between a lot of loopholes, the thriller has enough to entertain and satisfy the audience.


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65. Desperado (1995)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (7)

Release Year1995
Watch time104 min
DirectorsRobert Rodriguez
CastAntonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Joaquim de Almeida, Cheech Marin
Domestic Box office$25.63M
IMDb Rating7.2
WritersRobert Rodriguez
Music ByLos Lobos
Cinematography ByGuillermo Navarro
Costume ByFelipe Fernández del Paso

The guitar playing softly spoken main hero is back for his revenge. The movie begins with Steve Buscemi narrating the story of a guitar-carrying killer.

And then follows the story of El Mariachi losing his love at a massacre in a bar by Bucho and that is the main plot of the story. To serve revenge sometimes your enemy needs to be lured out of his safehouse with utmost care and cunningness.

Antonio Bandaras and Selyma Hayek are the good guys and then the bad guys as expected are really bad.

The 103 minutes of fun-packed lunacy will keep you entertained and on track till it ends.


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64. Without Remorse (2021)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (8)

TitleWithout Remorse
Release Year2021
Watch time109 min
DirectorsStefano Sollima
CastMichael B. Jordan, Jodie Turner-Smith, Jamie Bell, Guy Pearce
Domestic Box office---
IMDb Rating5.8
WritersTaylor Sheridan
Music ByJon Thor Birgisson
Cinematography ByPhilippe Rousselot
Costume ByBernhard Henrich

US Navy SEAL senior Chief John Kelly faces retaliation for an operation several months before as many of his team members and his pregnant wife are killed by Russian operatives.

Kelly wants answers but when the authority fails, he takes the quest into his own hands.

And alas! everything points right back at home. The Tom Clancy version of the story repeated the almost same formula that was visible for ages but still thismovie is worth a one-time watch,


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63. Quantum of Solace (2008)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (9)

TitleQuantum of Solace
Release Year2008
Watch time106 min
DirectorsMarc Forster
CastDaniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, Judi Dench
Domestic Box office$168.37M
IMDb Rating6.6
WritersPaul Haggis
Music ByDavid Arnold
Cinematography ByRoberto Schaefer
Costume ByDennis Gassner

The twenty-second movie from the James Bond series and the second movie with Daniel Craig playing the fictional MI6 agent James Bond is a revenge story.

After the events of Casino Royale, Bond seeks to revenge for the murder of his lover Vesper Lynd, with the assistance of Camille Montes, who wants to avenge the death of her family as well.

As he tries to understand what happened to her Bond also discovers a very dangerous international organization.

And finally, when the devil comes face to face there are some very interesting twists yet to come.

The movie was called out for being very different from the rest of the Bond movies but nonetheless is a very interesting experience.


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62. Munich (2005)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (10)

Release Year2005
Watch time164 min
DirectorsSteven Spielberg
CastEric Bana, Daniel Craig, Marie-Josée Croze, Ciarán Hinds
Domestic Box office$47.40M
IMDb Rating7.5
WritersTony Kushner
Music ByJohn Williams
Cinematography ByJanusz Kaminski
Costume ByRick Carter

Steven Spielberg’s historical action thriller film is a sad journey into the 1972 Summer Olympics massacre and the events that followed.

The Palestinian terrorist group Black September responsible for the murder of several Israeli athletes is about to face a hit that they would have never anticipated.

It is all about death, revenge, retribution, and some major skills in cinematography that will keep you on the edge of your seats all through the movie.

Eric Bana shows some major main man vibes throughout this cold movie.


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61. Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (11)

TitleDie Hard with a Vengeance
Release Year1995
Watch time128 min
DirectorsJohn McTiernan
CastBruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson, Graham Greene
Domestic Box office$100.01M
IMDb Rating7.6
WritersJonathan Hensleigh
Music ByMichael Kamen
Cinematography ByPeter Menzies Jr.
Costume ByJackson De Govia

The third movie from the much-renowned Die Hard series is about vengeance which is very deadly.

John McClane is back in action when another bomb scares the city. McClane is asked to play a game at the worth of many lives and the gold in federal vaults which is the real target.

The scavenger hunt that follows is engaging and thrilling on the whole. This film had a different formula from the first two and hence did not appeal to all the audience but the movie in total is a great experience with an exciting twist towards the end.


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60. Mystic River (2003)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (12)

TitleMystic River
Release Year2003
Watch time138 min
DirectorsClint Eastwood
CastSean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Emmy Rossum
Domestic Box office$90.14M
IMDb Rating7.9
WritersBrian Helgeland
Music ByClint Eastwood
Cinematography ByTom Stern
Costume ByHenry Bumstead
(Video) Road To Revenge | Full Movie | Action Western | Western Central

One of the finest aspects that work with movies is the usage of plotlines that can make you keep on guessing but you will never get it right.

The surprise element never gets old. If you are up to it we have a dark, eerie film that is all about the revenge that grew through a story set over a long period.

The story begins in 1975 when three boys Jimmy Markum, Sean Devine, and Dave Boyle are found playing outside their homes and then Dave is kidnapped by some pedophiles but later returned.

Years later in their stories, Jimmy’s eldest daughter is brutally murdered, while Dave makes a bloody entry at the other side of the story with a mugging justification and Sean is given the charge of the investigation.

And in between a lot of ups and downs, the story is about to get a lot more interesting and complicated than we actually think it is.

Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, and Sean Penn with all the supporting actors and the director’s squad have made this brilliant cinema into something the audience will never forget.


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59. Patriot Games (1992)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (13)

TitlePatriot Games
Release Year1992
Watch time117 min
DirectorsPhillip Noyce
CastHarrison Ford, Sean Bean, Anne Archer, Patrick Bergin
Domestic Box office$83.29M
IMDb Rating6.9
WritersTom Clancy
Music ByJames Horner
Cinematography ByDonald McAlpine
Costume ByJoseph C. Nemec III

Former CIA analyst Jack Ryan now lives a civilian life and lives happily with his wife and daughter until he gets involved in the terrorist kidnapping of Lord William Holmes the British Minister of State for Northern Ireland and a cousin to the queen.

Following this Sean Miller is captured by Kevin O'Donnell, the head of the radical cell escapes.

As Miller breaks out now, they are on a mission to take revenge on the Ryan family.

Harrison Ford owned the character and the movie overall came out as a good movie.

58. Nobody (2021)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (14)

Release Year2021
Watch time92 min
DirectorsIlya Naishuller
CastBob Odenkirk, Aleksey Serebryakov, Connie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd
Domestic Box office---
IMDb Rating7.4
WritersDerek Kolstad
Music ByDavid Buckley
Cinematography ByPawel Pogorzelski
Costume ByRoger Fires

Bob Odenkirk leads a normal life with his family. One day when burglars attack his home, he seems to be helpless even though his son tries to fight back.

When his daughter discovers her bracelet missing, he decides to go in search of them.

When he accidentally attacks the brother of a gangster it eventually reveals an odd set of talents he possesses.

The acting, casting, and thrills make Nobody ‘somebody’ worth your time.

57. Dead Man’s Shoes (2004)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (15)

When it is about family, the intensity is not that easy to handle. Richard returns to his homeland after serving in the British Army as a paratrooper with his brother Antony.

But this journey is not only about going back to the roots but something deeper.

Richard’s mentally-impaired brother Anthony was brutally abused by a gang of drug dealers for so long and there begins one of the darkest revenge stories you have ever watched.

As Richard casually cuts through the group only to reveal secrets no one would have anticipated the revenge gets served the coldest than you can actually think is possible.

56. The invisible man (2020)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (16)

TitleThe Invisible Man
Release Year2020
Watch time124 min
DirectorsLeigh Whannell
CastElisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Harriet Dyer, Aldis Hodge
Domestic Box office$64.91M
IMDb Rating7.1
WritersLeigh Whannell
Music ByBenjamin Wallfisch
Cinematography ByStefan Duscio
Costume ByAlex Holmes Diana Magnus

The sci-fi/horror movie combo is all about an invisible chase. When Cecilia Kass finally decides to leave her abusive relationship with the wealthy optics engineer Adrian Griffin things get more complicated than it was before.

Weeks into her freedom Adrian is said to be dead and a strange invisible force starts haunting Cecilia as she discovers she is also pregnant.

With Cecilia left with 5 million and Adrian’s brother Tom handling the estate, there are some things that do not add up.

The horror element of the movie builds up into something that is scary and turns into arevenge tale with an unexpected climax.

55. Peppermint (2018)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (17)

Release Year2018
Watch time101 min
DirectorsPierre Morel
CastJennifer Garner, John Gallagher Jr., John Ortiz, Juan Pablo Raba
Domestic Box office$35.42M
IMDb Rating6.5
WritersChad St. John
Music BySimon Franglen
Cinematography ByDavid Lanzenberg
Costume ByRamsey Avery

Riley North and Chris North lived a relatedly content life though money was a little short.

When Chris’s friend invites him to rob a drug kingpin Garcia, Chris declines the offer.

However, Garcia believes that Chris was also part of the plan which leads to the death of Chris and his ten-year-old daughter Carly.

The Judiciary being bought by Garcia declares Riley, the only witness to be not of sound mind, leaving the murderers free.

Years into Riley’s mysterious disappearance she is back with some very important plans. Well, this one-woman army is now living a life that is about to change Garcia’s life forever.

While both police and Garcia’s gang are attempting to catch her, Riley is not someone to give up on her revenge story.

54. Wrath of Man (2021)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (18)

TitleWrath of Man
Release Year2021
Watch time119 min
DirectorsGuy Ritchie
CastJason Statham, Holt McCallany, Josh Hartnett, Rocci Williams
Domestic Box office---
IMDb Rating7.2
WritersNicolas Boukhrief
Music ByChristopher Benstead
Cinematography ByAlan Stewart
Costume ByMartyn John

The fourth Guy Ritchie movie starring Jason Statham is slightly based on the 2004 French film Cash Truck by Nicolas Boukhrief.

Jason Statham gets hired as the new truck driver when an armored truck is attacked and the drivers killed. ‘H’ and his team now take over the money transfer but something goes really bad and now the dream team with great action sequences is out for revenge.

No matter what price he has to pay, the bloody crusade is a story that keeps you wanting more.

There is also a backstory that changes a lot of perceptions as it goes.

53. Audition (1999)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (19)

One very disturbing movie to watch. Shigeharu Aoyama, a widower under his son’s encouragement decides to get married again.

With a friend's help, he sets up an audition and finds Asami his suitable match.

But Asami has nothing to connect to her past but it does not impact Aoyama.

But when the real deal arrives there is something very strange as night and the nightmare confluence.

A woman who sets out to take revenge on the men who failed to love only her.

52. The Italian Job (2003)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (20)

TitleThe Italian Job
Release Year2003
Watch time111 min
DirectorsF. Gary Gray
CastDonald Sutherland, Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, Charlize Theron
Domestic Box office$106.13M
IMDb Rating7
WritersTroy Kennedy-Martin
Music ByJohn Powell
Cinematography ByWally Pfister
Costume ByCharles Wood

The heist movies have a separate fanbase and we cannot agree more. John Bridger and his highly efficient team are about to steal a locker from Venice which contains 35 million worth of gold bullion which is held by an Italian gang who had already stolen it.

Johns's team included Charlie Croker, Lyle, Rob, and Steve. The heist is successful but, on their way, back they realize that they had a mole within themselves.

And for that one-man Steve, years later John’s daughter and the gang come up with an action-packed revenge tale to take back something they worked hard for.

The Hollywood remake of the much-loved Michael Cane classic had some very big shoes to fill in for but did not screw it up, to be honest.

They tried their best and wasn’t really that bad of an experience.

51. Revenge (2017)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (21)

The wealthy married Richard has an affair with Jen whom he takes to the house where he and his hunting buddies meet.

Unfortunately, while Richard was away Jen gets raped and the situation escalates from there. As Richard fails to acknowledge that Jen is really hurt and the situation changes to the men deciding to drop Jen off a cliff.

No one expected Jen to come back for revenge. And she is one strong woman to come back after so many deadly wounds.

The cinematic brilliance with all the brutal bloodiness is however a great treat to watch.

50. Taken (2008)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (22)

Release Year2008
Watch time90 min
DirectorsPierre Morel
CastLiam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Leland Orser
Domestic Box office$145.00M
IMDb Rating7.8
WritersLuc Besson
Music ByNathaniel Méchaly
Cinematography ByMichel Abramowicz
Costume ByHugues Tissandier

Taken instantly gathered a lot of mixed reviews with a few of them also relating that taken could have been taken a bit more seriously.

Nonetheless, the movie deserves a place on our list. The suspense, thrill, and revenge that the movie develops have the aura to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Former Green Beret and CIA officer Bryan Mill's 17-year-old music enthusiast daughter and friend is kidnapped by an Albanian sex racket in Paris.

With only a voice to identify from the last call his daughter made. to connect the dots is not as easy as it looks.

The Liam Neeson element definitely elevates the movie and is one main reason not to miss it.

49. Point Blank (2019)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (23)

TitlePoint Blank
Release Year2019
Watch time86 min
DirectorsJoe Lynch
CastFrank Grillo, Stuart F. Wilson, Buster Reeves, Christian Cooke
Domestic Box office---
IMDb Rating5.7
WritersFred Cavayé
Music ByMitch Lee
Cinematography ByJuan Miguel Azpiroz
Costume ByJim Warren

Abe Guevera and his little brother Mateo are outrunning the shootout that led to the death of District Attorney Joshua Gregory.

On foot, Abe meets with a car accident and is subsequently taken to a hospital.

Mateo determined to get Abe out of police custody, kidnaps the ER nurse's wife. The duo also gets dragged into the mess the brothers are part of.

Abe claims to possess a flash drive that will expose many corrupt police officers. And then follows chaos to a climax that even the film seems to be a bit confused about but in an overall experience the movie was an entertaining piece of art.

48. The Lion King (2019)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (24)

TitleThe Lion King
Release Year2019
Watch time118 min
DirectorsJon Favreau
CastDonald Glover, Beyonce, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor
Domestic Box office$543.64M
IMDb Rating6.8
WritersJeff Nathanson
Music ByHans Zimmer
Cinematography ByCaleb Deschanel
Costume ByJames Chinlund

The Lion King remains the greatest and the most sought-after Disney creation since its birth into the reel world.

In the Pride Lands of Africa King Mufasa and Queen, Sarabi presents their newborn son Simba to the gathering of animals.

The rightful king however has a younger brother greedy for power. As Simba is lured into a trap by Scar, it is Mufasa who ends upfallinginto the pit.

As Scar convinces Simba of his role in the death,Simba leaves the land forever.

As years into the events when reality strikes Simba, it is time to avenge the death of the finest leader of the pride lands.

Hakuna Matata is for everyone even under the rule of bad rulers.

47. Gladiator (2000)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (25)

Release Year2000
Watch time155 min
DirectorsRidley Scott
CastRussell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed
Domestic Box office$187.71M
IMDb Rating8.5
WritersDavid Franzoni
Music ByLisa Gerrard Hans Zimmer
Cinematography ByJohn Mathieson
Costume ByArthur Max

The spectacular story is about the fictional past of Rome. Emperor Marcus Aurelius finds his son Commodus unfit to rule his country and hopes that General Maximus Decimus Meridius will take after him, but Commodus is much more cunning than his father had anticipated.

As the emperor is killed and Commodus takes charge Maximus ends up with a gladiator trainer.

For revenge to be true Maximus needs allies and he finds them. Excellent acting, visuals, and CGI made gladiator stand out in total.

46. Gone girl (2014)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (26)

TitleGone Girl
Release Year2014
Watch time149 min
DirectorsDavid Fincher
CastBen Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry
Domestic Box office$167.77M
IMDb Rating8.1
WritersGillian Flynn
Music ByTrent Reznor Atticus Ross
Cinematography ByJeff Cronenweth
Costume ByDonald Graham Burt

David Fincher's adaptation of the best-selling novel is as twisted and scary as it gets.

When the wife suspects that the husband is cheating she devises a very clever plan that plants him as her murderer and she escapes.

The wife was the subject of the best-selling series of books by her parents making the husband the newest celebrity prey for the media.

And for Amy, we don’t see everything going as smoothly as she had planned to make the plotline more interesting.

The way the story unfolds is very mysterious and thrilling and keeps you on the edge of your seats all through it.

45. Leon: The Professional (1994)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (27)

(Video) Guilt | Full Revenge Thriller Movie | 2020

The visually satisfying thriller centers around Léon, an illiterate hitman who takes on a young girl whose abusive father and his relationship with corrupt officers lead to the death of his whole family.

Now Mathilda wants to avenge the death of her four-year-old brother and seeks Leon's help to teach her survival tactics.

The edgy violent movie revolves around the strange relationship that builds between the two and how it grows.

And the revenge of a twelve-year-old against the so-called authority is something worth watching.

44. Django Unchained (2012)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (28)

TitleDjango Unchained
Release Year2012
Watch time165 min
DirectorsQuentin Tarantino
CastJamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington
Domestic Box office$162.81M
IMDb Rating8.4
WritersQuentin Tarantino
Music ByRobert Richardson
Cinematography ByFred Raskin
Costume ByPage Buckner David F. Klassen

Quentin Tarantino returns to full glory in this violent homage to the various Spaghetti Westerns that he grew up watching.

Former slave Django (Jamie Foxx) is bought by bounty hunter Dr. Schultz (Christoph Waltz).

Django is convinced that if he helps Schultz in finding some he, in turn, will be rewarded.

Things then change when Django decides to go find his wife (Kerry Washington) who is being held against her will by another notorious human.

The movie unchained some new expectations from the director and the industry. Tarantino’s full-fledged glory was back with this movie and movie buffs were thrilled with the release.

43. Carrie (2013)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (29)

Release Year2013
Watch time100 min
DirectorsKimberly Peirce
CastChloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Gabriella Wilde, Portia Doubleday
Domestic Box office$35.27M
IMDb Rating5.9
WritersLawrence D. Cohen
Music ByMarco Beltrami
Cinematography BySteve Yedlin
Costume ByLuis Sequeira

The fourth film in the Carrie franchise is the third adaptation of the Stephen King Novel.

The disturbed religious fanatic Margaret White raises her daughter Carrie White who turns out to be a shy, awkward child.

Her social awkwardness makes her an immediate target of bullying. Even her menstruation becomes a matter of bullying.

As one bully wants to reconcile, the other one doesn’t want to stop. Chloe Moretz one of the greatest actors of the time carries herself rightfully throughout the movie.

Solid casting and scary cinematography make this movie worth spending your time.

42. Ghost (1990)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (30)

Release Year1990
Watch time127 min
DirectorsJerry Zucker
CastPatrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn
Domestic Box office$217.63M
IMDb Rating7.1
WritersBruce Joel Rubin
Music ByMaurice Jarre
Cinematography ByAdam Greenberg
Costume ByJane Musky

Ghost is an emotional, romantic, supernatural, and interesting thriller. After being murdered for unknown reasons a man’s ghost decides to stay on earth to protect his fiancé and find the reason behind his murder.

For things to fall in place he also has to use the help of a psychic to communicate with the world.

And for revenge, he finds his best friend was involvedin his murder.

Ghost has a very simple premise but what actually worked is the good casting, great diction, and techniques used in the making.

The movie stood the test of time and is still regarded as a really good movie.

41. Mad Max (1979)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (31)

George Miller's post-apocalyptic action movie was one of the then greatest movies to come out.

The movie talks about a world of total societal collapse and struggles. When a cruel motorcycle gang murders the family of police officer Max (Mel Gibson) they’ve chosen the wrong person for the battle.

The revenge tastes strong and Max is about to bring some normalcy to the terror the society has been facing till then.

And the journey is one bloody scary movie. The action sequences are top-notch and there is a very realistic image added to them.

Mel Gibson also did a great job. With one exciting ending, there is no surprise when the movie wenton to be adapted for several creations later.

40. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (32)

TitleSweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Release Year2007
Watch time116 min
DirectorsTim Burton
CastJohnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall
Domestic Box office$52.90M
IMDb Rating7.3
WritersJohn Logan
Music ByDariusz Wolski
Cinematography ByChris Lebenzon
Costume ByGary Freeman

The Tim Burton movie is the adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler's Tony Award-winning 1979 musical.

The Sweeney Todd story is a myth that has traveled long over the generations and has garnered its own changes according to situations.

The main story is about a man who is a barber wrongly convicted returning years later to slit the throats of many and serve them as pies to the public.

Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter take the centre stage. The movie is very violent with close-cut shots of the throat-slitting and killings.

The darkness and awfulness that the movie tried to portray have come close to reality with the usage of the tones in cinematography which is also to be specifically noted.

39. Once Upon a time in West (1968)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (33)

TitleOnce Upon a Time in the West
Release Year1968
Watch time165 min
DirectorsSergio Leone
CastHenry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Claudia Cardinale, Jason Robards
Domestic Box office$5.32M
IMDb Rating8.5
WritersSergio Donati
Music ByEnnio Morricone
Cinematography ByTonino Delli Colli
Costume ByCarlo Simi

In the town of "Flagstone" a railroad is under construction. A piece of land owned by the Brett McBain family known as Sweetwater will fall in the route of the track when it gets completed.

Frank, an outlaw plots to acquire the land for himself so he kills and frames another outlawto get rid of both owner and the potential threat.

But a man from his pastHarmonica arrives there to take his revenge on him for killing his brother.

38. Man on Fire (2004)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (34)

TitleMan on Fire
Release Year2004
Watch time146 min
DirectorsTony Scott
CastDenzel Washington, Christopher Walken, Dakota Fanning, Radha Mitchell
Domestic Box office$77.91M
IMDb Rating7.7
WritersA.J. Quinnell
Music ByHarry Gregson-Williams
Cinematography ByPaul Cameron
Costume ByBenjamín Fernández

The movie is actually the remake of a less critically acclaimed 1987 movie. John Creasy an ex-CIA operative has lost track of his well-bred lifestyle and is now a drunk.

He goes to visit his friend Paul Rayburn who convinces Creasy to be the bodyguard of the Ramos family’s daughter.

Pita changes Creasy to the life that he had stopped seeing till then. As she is kidnapped, Creasy actually becomes the man on fire.

Good filmmaking and a great storyline make this movie worth watching.

37. In the Bedroom (2001)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (35)

TitleIn the Bedroom
Release Year2001
Watch time131 min
DirectorsTodd Field
CastTom Wilkinson, Sissy Spacek, Nick Stahl, Marisa Tomei
Domestic Box office$35.93M
IMDb Rating7.4
WritersAndre Dubus
Music ByThomas Newman
Cinematography ByAntonio Calvache
Costume ByShannon Hart

While it is true that many will part ways in between as this is a really slow movie but once when things start to happen there is no going back.

Matt and Ruth Fowler's son Frank has a relationship with a married woman who has two kids.

Though Frank’s family initially considers it as a passing phase. When the woman's ex-husband Richard gets into the scene things get violent and out of control.

When Frank is murdered and Richard walks around the town without much reprehension, it is hard for the parents who haven’t fully accustomed to their grief yet.

And it's another story of the justice system failing it all. The movie comes in as real as it is, with even the grief period very realistically shown.

And for the revenge let's see how it unfolds.

36. Death Wish (2018)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (36)

TitleDeath Wish
Release Year2018
Watch time107 min
DirectorsEli Roth
CastBruce Willis, Vincent D'Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue, Camila Morrone
Domestic Box office$34.02M
IMDb Rating6.3
WritersJoe Carnahan
Music ByLudwig Göransson
Cinematography ByRogier Stoffers
Costume ByPaul Kirby

The remake of the 1974 movie of the same name, delivers everything it promised to be.

Paul Kersey leads a successful life as a surgeon with his wife Lucy and daughter Jordan.

But his life comes crumbling down when three burglars kill his wife and Jordan goes into a coma.

Determined to make things right for the world he becomes the American vigilante called ‘the grim reaper’.

The movie is considered Eli Roth's greatest work as a director as for every pinch of element he added it was all in the right amount.

With Bruce Willis as the lead, the movie also showed some really good casting finesse.

35. Equilibrium (2002)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (37)

Release Year2002
Watch time107 min
DirectorsKurt Wimmer
CastChristian Bale, Sean Bean, Emily Watson, Taye Diggs
Domestic Box office$1.20M
IMDb Rating7.4
WritersKurt Wimmer
Music ByKlaus Badelt
Cinematography ByDion Beebe
Costume ByWolf Kroeger

Well, the big brother is always watching but here we have ‘the father’. World war III left a lot of survivors who then formed Liberia, a totalitarian state which blatantly blames human emotions for the cause of war. ‘ Premium II’ is used by the inhabitants to suppress their emotions.

And then one man who went through working all his rules forgets to get the medication and starts questioning his imposed reality.

Christian Bale did it too well to even question it. The movie will give you something to think about.

34. I spit on your grave (2010)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (38)

TitleI Spit on Your Grave
Release Year2010
Watch time108 min
DirectorsSteven R. Monroe
CastSarah Butler, Jeff Branson, Andrew Howard, Daniel Franzese
Domestic Box office$0.09M
IMDb Rating6.3
WritersAdam Rockoff
Music ByCorey Allen Jackson
Cinematography ByNeil Lisk
Costume ByDins Danielsen

A writer from the city rents an isolated cabin by the river. Days into her stay she was raped by five men including the town sheriff and a handicapped man.

And then follows the story of the woman who decides to avenge her tragedy. What comes next is a terrifying experience with the most brutal revenge techniques possible.

A remake of the 1978 cult "Day of the Woman" succeeded in maintaining the brutality and reality to a very high extent.

33. Gangs of New York (2002)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (39)

TitleGangs of New York
Release Year2002
Watch time167 min
DirectorsMartin Scorsese
CastLeonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jim Broadbent
Domestic Box office$77.81M
IMDb Rating7.5
WritersJay Cocks
Music ByHoward Shore
Cinematography ByMichael Ballhaus
Costume ByDante Ferretti

Based on the 1927 book of the same name by Herbert Asbury, Martin Scorsese's brilliance also comes with a gang of well-established and proven actors.

Bill "the Butcher" Cutting and his gang kill priest Vallon in a gang war. The priest's son takes the knife that killed his father and runs away.

Years later Amsterdam Vallon returns. With a friend from the past and some new acquaintances Amsterdam gets into Bill's gang to avenge his father's death.

There is so much to digest in this movie the annoying and bloody fights between two very unpleasant people are the main plotline of the movie.

Scorsese as always has given too much on the plate so that you have enough even after the movie.

32. The Crow (1994)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (40)

TitleThe Crow
Release Year1994
Watch time102 min
DirectorsAlex Proyas
CastBrandon Lee, Michael Wincott, Rochelle Davis, Ernie Hudson
Domestic Box office$50.69M
IMDb Rating7.6
WritersJames O'Barr
Music ByGraeme Revell
Cinematography ByDariusz Wolski
Costume ByAlex McDowell

The 1994 American superhero film is based on James O'Barr's comic of the same name.

This revenge movie also has some supernatural elements added to it making it an unbelievably believable movie.

Eric Draven and his fiancé were murdered on the day before their wedding by a vicious gang.

A year later as the soul still had some unfinished business left on earth, with the powers of a crow Eric rises from the grave to take revenge on T-bird and his gang.

The movie had a great premise and worked really well. The movie has a cold element that you feel as you watch it mainly because of the Brandon Lee tragedy it witnessed.

The death of the character will always remain the most haunting and sad experience the movie gave.

31. The Nightingale (2018)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (41)

The Australian drama film follows a young Irish convict named Clare who is forced to serve the colonial British soldier Lieutenant Hawkins despite his brutality.

When Clare and their family want to relieve themselves from the duty, Hawkins doesn’t endorse it.

Hawkins wants a new promotion and meanwhile, Clare’s life is shattered by his brutality. The film is about the revenge tale of a woman who did not get her deserved justice from the right people.

There is so much reality infused into it that you cannot resist the feeling and no better way to say ‘Don't Miss It’.

30. Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (42)


TitleLaw Abiding Citizen
Release Year2009
Watch time109 min
DirectorsF. Gary Gray
CastGerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, Leslie Bibb, Colm Meaney
Domestic Box office$73.34M
IMDb Rating7.4
WritersKurt Wimmer
Music ByBrian Tyler
Cinematography ByJonathan Sela
Costume ByAlex Hajdu

Clyde Shelton had everything going right until a burglary goes wrong right in front of his eyes as his wife and daughter are brutally murdered.

As the law fails to hit the right target he sets out to show the world the flaws of the system they believe in. The movie journeys between the fine line between good and evil making it almost impossible to take a side most of the time.

And that’s how the whole movie works. The movie makes a good thriller movie that is worth watching.

29. Hanna (2011)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (43)

Release Year2011
Watch time111 min
DirectorsJoe Wright
CastSaoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana, Vicky Krieps
Domestic Box office$40.26M
IMDb Rating6.8
WritersSeth Lochhead
Music ByTom Rowlands
Cinematography ByAlwin H. Küchler
Costume BySarah Greenwood

Hanna is a teenager who lives with her mysterious father who is seen to be teaching her survival skills from a very young age.

And at a certain point, he reveals to her that whatever she was being trained for is about to happen when she decides to flip the switch that he gives her.

Marissa Wiegler, a senior operative is now after them. And when she decides that there are several agents behind her.

As Hanna travels continents and escapes more than once, more dangerous facts about her life are revealed.

Not really a revenge tale but her survival is to avenge something bad that once was planned.

28. The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (44)

The Greek tragedy Iphigenia at Aulis by Euripides is believed to be the inspiration for the movie.

Steven Murphy a successful cardiac surgeon lives with his wife Annie and children Kim and Bob.

When Steven befriends a young boy Martin who had recently lost his father in a car crash, there grows a strange relationship.

As martin asks for more of Stevens's time, steven seems to be losing time with his family as something dark and dangerous has befallen them.

Martin is revealed to be no strange child but his intentions are of a very dark revenge story and the solution to end all this are devastating.

The movie ends on a violent note that may not be pleasant for everyone.

27. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (45)

TitleThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Release Year2011
Watch time158 min
DirectorsDavid Fincher
CastDaniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgård
Domestic Box office$102.52M
IMDb Rating7.8
WritersSteven Zaillian
Music ByTrent Reznor Atticus Ross
Cinematography ByJeff Cronenweth
Costume ByDonald Graham Burt

The neo-noir psychological thriller film is the second adaptation of the book however it is fair to say that Fincher has made it mandatory to have his signature over the movie which is clearly evident throughout.

The story begins when a reporter is asked by an elderly man to find the reason behind his niece who went missing forty years before.

The reporter hires a hacker Lisbeth Salander, to help him which gives the story a very exciting subplot.

As they indulge more in the story suspecting a serial killer, there unravels a mystery that has been giving clues all through the movie.

The thriller is a really entertaining experience to watch nonetheless.

26. Mean Creek (2004)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (46)

TitleMean Creek
Release Year2004
Watch time90 min
DirectorsJacob Estes
CastRory Culkin, Ryan Kelley, Scott Mechlowicz, Trevor Morgan
Domestic Box office$0.60M
IMDb Rating7.2
WritersJacob Estes
Music ByTomandandy
Cinematography BySharone Meir
Costume ByGreg McMickle

Rocky’s little brother Sam is the victim of school bully George. Rocky and his friends decide to teach George some good manners by devising a plan.

They plan to take him on a trip by the end of which George will be humiliated.

But as tragic as the plan can get some very unfortunate events happen. As small revenge becomes a major tragedy that even causes death.

A simple, powerful, and tragic story teaches in a hard way about the repercussions of every small action that we take lightly.

The promising group of budding actors is something else we can look forward to from this movie.

25. The Last House on the Left (2009)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (47)

TitleThe Last House on the Left
Release Year2009
Watch time110 min
DirectorsDennis Iliadis
CastGarret Dillahunt, Monica Potter, Tony Goldwyn, Michael Bowen
Domestic Box office$32.75M
IMDb Rating6.5
WritersAdam Alleca
Music ByJohn Murphy
Cinematography BySharone Meir
Costume ByJohnny Breedt

The Hollywood remake of the Wes Craven shocker from 1972 didn’t change much of the plotline and has kept enough horror to haunt the viewers.

Two teenage girls get trapped by the notorious family of a boy that they just met.

One of them is brutally murdered and the other barely survives. As the surviving child barely makes it to her parent's house, her abductors have also taken shelter in the same place.

It's scary and interesting to note what is about to happen next. With excellent casting and a suspenseful horror revenge story, there isn’t anything much that you would need.

24. Carlitos Way (1993)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (48)

TitleCarlito's Way
Release Year1993
Watch time144 min
DirectorsBrian De Palma
CastAl Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller, John Leguizamo
Domestic Box office$36.95M
IMDb Rating7.9
WritersEdwin Torres
Music ByPatrick Doyle
Cinematography ByStephen H. Burum
Costume ByRichard Sylbert

The past has a strange way to keep on lurking around though how hard you try to keep it at bay.

Al Pacino plays Carlito Brigante, a former drug dealer released from prison when his friend finds a loophole in the law.

Carlito dreams of restarting his life and building something new with his girlfriend Gail. Carlito buys a club but ends up being in a lot of mishaps and drug dealings like usual causing a lot of trouble.

And his long-lost dream of settling in the Caribbean, let's see what happens to that.

It’s a story of fights, survival, success, and a lot of falls that you will enjoy watching.

Al Pacino and Sean Penn have once again proved that once you put them together in a movie, there isn’t a better element to make the audience feel the reality of the story.

23. V for Vendetta (2005)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (49)

TitleV for Vendetta
Release Year2005
Watch time132 min
DirectorsJames McTeigue
CastHugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert Graves, Stephen Rea
Domestic Box office$70.51M
IMDb Rating8.1
WritersLilly Wachowski
Music ByDario Marianelli
Cinematography ByAdrian Biddle
Costume ByOwen Paterson

The dystopian future fantasy is almost about Brave New World, or 1984 manifesto kind. The future doesn’t look good as there is chaos visible everywhere.

America is torn apart by civil war and disasters including pandemics., the UK has become a fascist dictatorship.

As the repression grows the only hope of the generation is in V. V who is determined to put everything back on the right track.

The movie hits hard on some very controversial themes including Totalitarianism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and terrorism.

The movie is one cutting-edge adaptation of the Alan Moore graphic novel that deserves attention for its bravery.

22. Sleepers (1996)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (50)

Release Year1996
Watch time147 min
DirectorsBarry Levinson
CastRobert De Niro, Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt, Jason Patric
Domestic Box office$49.10M
IMDb Rating7.6
WritersLorenzo Carcaterra
Music ByJohn Williams
Cinematography ByMichael Ballhaus
Costume ByKristi Zea

This is an extremely violent revenge movie that will keep you all riveted on the screen but is not advised to the brittle hearts out there.

It all begins by showing a brutal murder done by some career criminals but as we delve deep into the story it reveals some very disturbing facts.

Lorenzo "Shakes" Carcaterra, Tommy Marcano, Michael Sullivan, and John Reilly's childhood friends end up at the Wilkinson Home for Boys in Upstate New York where they are physically and sexually abused by the guards.

Years into their survival a revenge tale ensues. As the real law fails to save the needy sometimes even the not-so-good takes a stand when it is pure evil on the other side of the court.

There is no bad thing justified in this b movie, it’s all a brutal take on reality.

21. Machete (2010)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (51)

Release Year2010
Watch time105 min
DirectorsEthan Maniquis, Robert Rodriguez
CastDanny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba
Domestic Box office$26.59M
IMDb Rating6.6
WritersRobert Rodriguez
Music ByChingon
Cinematography ByJimmy Lindsey
Costume ByChristopher Stull

Machete Cortez works with the Mexican Federal, while on a mission to rescue a kidnapped girl he and his partner are attacked.

As there is corruption everywhere Machete loses everything close to him but he is not killed.

When years later he is ambushed into another mission that goes astray as well. And someone from the past is also back.

Machete has some serious homework to do to understand what is actually happening around him.

And that’s too many surprises waiting. Adding to the surprise element the movie also comes with a number of cameo appearances including Lindsey Lohan.

20. Straw Dogs (1971)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (52)

TitleStraw Dogs
Release Year1971
Watch time113 min
DirectorsSam Peckinpah
CastDustin Hoffman, Susan George, Peter Vaughan, T.P. McKenna
Domestic Box office---
IMDb Rating7.5
WritersDavid Zelag Goodman
Music ByJerry Fielding
Cinematography ByJohn Coquillon
Costume ByRay Simm

Applied mathematician David Sumner and his wife Amy move to a house near her hometown. It becomes hard for him to blend in with the crowd though he detested the American lifestyle as well.

When Amy’s ex-boyfriend Charlie Venner is jealous of the relationship. When Charlie and his friends are called on to repair the house, the tension elevates in between the relationships.

There is also a rape scene in the movie. A realistic/pessimistic touch which becomes a good movie but not easy to watch.

19. The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (53)

TitleThe Count of Monte Cristo
Release Year2002
Watch time131 min
DirectorsKevin Reynolds
CastJim Caviezel, Guy Pearce, Christopher Adamson, JB Blanc
Domestic Box office$54.23M
IMDb Rating7.7
WritersAlexandre Dumas
Music ByEdward Shearmur
Cinematography ByAndrew Dunn
Costume ByTom Rand

The movie is based on the 1844 Alexander Dumas novel of the same name. the movie has retained the central themes of revenge and imprisonment but has altered certain relationship strategies.

Edmond Dantes was a very good man and for the very same reason was chosen to deliver a message by Napoleon.

But his friend betrays him and he ends up in prison. Of the many unfortunate events Edmond Dantes had to face in his life, his imprisonment becomes a boon when Abbe Faria, a fellow prisoner educates him and makes a change that becomes favorable.

The strange tale is not just a revenge story but in reality, is the ‘justice’ served late.

18. Now You See Me (2013)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (54)

TitleNow You See Me
Release Year2013
Watch time115 min
DirectorsLouis Leterrier
CastJesse Eisenberg, Common, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson
Domestic Box office$117.72M
IMDb Rating7.2
WritersEd Solomon
Music ByBrian Tyler
Cinematography ByMitchell Amundsen
Costume ByPeter Wenham

Well, not always you can see everything and there is no better testament to that.

As all magicians say, there is that one last trick up his sleeve for all the bad tricks until then.

The American heist thriller film is about four magicians J. Daniel Atlas, Merritt McKinney, Henley Reeves, and Jack Wilder called upon by an unknown entity to New York to perform some tricks we could mostly find in the modern-day robin hood handbook.

A year into their mysterious mission ‘ the four horsemen’ perform multiple magic tricks on crowds that create havoc for the wealthy as money is flowing down the pyramid.

Mark Ruffalo as the investigator has also elevated the overall performance of the storyline. The film was expected to bring some massive surprises but nonetheless, it succeeded as a fantasy movie.

17. The Equalizer (2014)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (55)

TitleThe Equalizer
Release Year2014
Watch time132 min
DirectorsAntoine Fuqua
CastDenzel Washington, Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz, David Harbour
Domestic Box office$101.53M
IMDb Rating7.2
WritersRichard Wenk
Music ByHarry Gregson-Williams
Cinematography ByMauro Fiore
Costume ByNaomi Shohan

Denzel Washington lives up to the character and we didn’t expect any less either. Robert McCall lives a quiet life as he works in a Boston home improvement Box store.

But there is something mysterious about his past that we don’t know about. The friendly man helps his friend Ralphie get a job and when the prostitute Alina gets beaten up by the pimp Slavi he tries to buy her freedom back.

And then McCall has no other option but to take down an entire Russian mob when circumstances force him to.

Martin Csokas plays the role of the smart and brutal villain veryefficiently. The movie begins slowly, almost too slow, and then takes on a very brutal rigorous pace.

16. John Wick (2014)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (56)

TitleJohn Wick
Release Year2014
Watch time101 min
DirectorsChad Stahelski, David Leitch
CastKeanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe
Domestic Box office$43.04M
IMDb Rating7.4
WritersDerek Kolstad
Music ByTyler Bates Joel J. Richard
Cinematography ByJonathan Sela
Costume ByDan Leigh

Retired hitman John Wick left his profession for the love of a woman whom he eventually loses as well.

When a Russian mobster's son breaks into his home kills his dog which was a gift from his beloved wife and steals his car, money is already put on Wick’s head.

The crowd knows he is coming for them. If there is a movie genre to be called for the purest form of action then this movie would top the list.

Stitched right for Keanu Reeves, the action thriller comes with a lot of flaws but that doesn’t stop it from being a thrilling entertainer.

15. The Handmaiden (2016)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (57)

(Video) The HARDEST Slaps From Slap Fighting Championship

Once you get the hang of this movie then there is no going back. The very long South Korean erotic psychological thriller film is set in the time period during Korea under Japanese colonial rule.

The central plotline is about a con man who hires a pickpocket to be the handmaiden of a wealthy single woman he plans to marry.

The movie also comes in packed with alot of adult scenes. But concentrating on the level of revenge the story unfolds quite interestingly.

The movie is a work of art that will take you by surprise. In between backstabbing, betrayal, revenge, and drama, the movie also ends in a very surprising climax.

14. I saw the devil (2010)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (58)

Let’s just say this time somehow the devil knocked on the wrong door. The Korean thriller is one of the grimmest, dark, and most violent revenge movies that you will ever watch.

There is that calmness that floats in between the real story which will totally grip you.

Kim Soo-Hyun, an agent of the National Intelligence Service had the happiest life until his pregnant wife is murdered by a psychopath and he decides to take revenge.

Kyung-Chul, the killer however differs from your usual perceptions as a man with no heart and a cold, cruel mind.

His killings are so devastating that there is a chance you all would be interested to join Kim Soo-Hyun in this deadly hunt.

The game gets deadly, interesting, and thrilling as the movie moves forward and this revenge will really get to you.

13. Four Brothers (2005)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (59)

TitleFour Brothers
Release Year2005
Watch time109 min
DirectorsJohn Singleton
CastMark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Garrett Hedlund
Domestic Box office$74.49M
IMDb Rating6.8
WritersDavid Elliot
Music ByDavid Arnold
Cinematography ByPeter Menzies Jr.
Costume ByKeith Brian Burns

The Sons of Katie Elder, the John Wayne classic gets an adaptation in modern-day Denver with all its good merits retained.

Four brothers come back home seemingly random murder of their adoptive mother, Evelyn Mercer which is believed to be a robbery gone wrong in a convenience store.

The murder is later revealed to be a targeted murder of Evelyn when the brothers question the witness.

Detroit Police Lieutenant Green (Terrence Howard) and Detective Fowler (Josh Charles) are trying to investigate the events at hand all the while the brothers take law into their own hands.

As the investigation progresses dark and gloomy secrets come to the light. Criminal mobster (Chiwetel Esbofor) and Detroit Councilman (Barry Shakaba ) are among the ones the town should be scared of.

12. Promising Young Woman (2020)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (60)

TitlePromising Young Woman
Release Year2020
Watch time113 min
DirectorsEmerald Fennell
CastCarey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Clancy Brown
Domestic Box office---
IMDb Rating7.5
WritersEmerald Fennell
Music ByAnthony Willis
Cinematography ByBenjamin Kracun
Costume ByMichael Perry

The promising actress Carrie Mulligan through the multiple faces she does throughout the movie once again proves her competence in the industry.

Cassie is here to avenge the death of her best friend Nina. When Medical school dropout Cassie meets her old friend Ryan and realizes that Al, the anti-hero of her story is about to get married a chord is struck.

Nina was abused and later committed suicide as we devise from the story. Cassie is a hero as he struggles through the trauma of her friend, she holds herself up by the need for revenge.

The movie has a strong script that taunts many possibilities of reality and how society also perceives rape.

The revenge tale definitely had a well-thought-out plan that worked out great.

11. Double Jeopardy (1999)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (61)

TitleDouble Jeopardy
Release Year1999
Watch time105 min
DirectorsBruce Beresford
CastAshley Judd, Tommy Lee Jones, Bruce Greenwood, Benjamin Weir
Domestic Box office$116.74M
IMDb Rating6.5
WritersDavid Weisberg
Music ByNormand Corbeil
Cinematography ByPeter James
Costume ByHoward Cummings

The wealthy couples Nick and Libby Parson lead a happy and content life until they go out sailing and Nick is said to be murdered and Libby is convicted.

Libby asks her friend Angela to look after their four-year-old son Matty. When Angela fails to bring Matty to visit her Libby goes in search of her only to find the real truth behind everything that she believed to be true until then.

The reality was that Nick wasn’t dead and she was paying time for something that she wasn’t even remotely responsible for.

And now the double jeopardy provision provides enough for her to kill him. What happens when your world shatters in front of you even with the law and order against you.

This woman is about to show the world her brains and actions that you will enjoy watching.

10. Lady Snowblood (1973)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (62)

The Japanese movie is believed to be one of the major inspirations for Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

Baby Yuki’s(snow) destiny was written long before she was even conceived. The movie begins with a very ill prisoner giving birth to a baby girl.

She tells her fellow inmates that this child should be raised to avenge the brutality faced by her family.

Yuki’s journey begins then to avenge the brutal rape of her mother and the murder of her father and brother.

Lady Snowblood and her sword have a long journey ahead that is not suggested for the faint heart.

This revenge tale though has an almost predictable storyline, there is so much more to it than being just a story.

9. Head Hunters (2011)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (63)

Head hunters became an instant hit in the thriller genre and set standards that are not easily achievable by any of their counterparts.

The movie begins in the corporate world of headhunting but then easily takes a u-turn to its real intentions.

Roger Brown. The corporate headhunter from Norway has a side business that actually sponsors his luxurious demeanors.

He steals expensive art from his clients and replaces them with replicas to support the luxurious life of his wife and his mistress.

When his wife tells him about someone who possesses an expensive Rubens painting Roger is intrigued and from there starts the real story.

When the client doesn’t get the job, he was after, the chase that ensues plays on their strengths.

If blood and goth don’t scare you, this chase and run will send chills down your spine.

The Scandinavian genre has been developing rapidly and setting standards that seem to be getting far even for Hollywood now.

8. True Grit (1969)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (64)

TitleTrue Grit
Release Year1969
Watch time128 min
DirectorsHenry Hathaway
CastJohn Wayne, Kim Darby, Glen Campbell, Jeremy Slate
Domestic Box office$31.13M
IMDb Rating7.4
WritersCharles Portis
Music ByElmer Bernstein
Cinematography ByLucien Ballard
Costume ByDorothy Jeakins

The movie is the first on-screen adaptation of Charles Portis' 1968 novel of the same name.

Frank Ross, of Yell County, Arkansas is murdered by Tom Chaney, his hired hand. His young daughter Mattie, Suspicious of the events that happened hires someone to investigate her father’s death.

But there is also another team behind the same killer. As they decide to work together.

General Sterling price is someone you should look out for; you’ll get it once you watch it.

One of John Wayne's greatest cinematic achievements showed some great character development and execution as well.

7. Dogville (2003)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (65)

On the outskirts of Georgetown exists a mountain village called Dogville. Dogville is all about its good inhabitants but the town philosopher Tom believes that at the core of their hearts not all humans are the same.

When an estranged woman is actively looked on by the mobsters and police accidentally ends up on the town premises.

The town takes her on by giving her small chores and finally gaining their trust.

Eventually, the moral standards change, and Grace is brutally exploited by society. And then there is a revelation of the mob leader's daughter who ran away when she couldn’t stand the bitter deeds.

6. Oldboy (2003)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (66)

The second from the Vengeance Trilogy didn’t disappoint either. Oldboy is a kind of story that will scare you into its very reality.

A man is released after being kidnapped and tortured for almost fifteen years for reasons he didn’t know or wasn’t aware of until then. when he is released under odd circumstances, he has 5 days to find the reason for his capture and to avenge it.

And to the parts yet to come be prepared for surprises at every nook and corner.

This is no usual story for the extremely brilliant concept and techniques it uses. The twist at the end takes a drastic turn and shifts another whole set of perspectives into the light.

There is no time in this movie to look elsewhere and we can totally guarantee that.

5. The Prestige (2006)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (67)

TitleThe Prestige
Release Year2006
Watch time130 min
DirectorsChristopher Nolan
CastChristian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine
Domestic Box office$53.09M
IMDb Rating8.5
WritersJonathan Nolan
Music ByDavid Julyan
Cinematography ByWally Pfister
Costume ByNathan Crowley

The Christopher Nolan directorial written by Nolan and his brother Jonathan is based on the 1995 novel of the same name by Christopher Priest.

Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman play the role of magicians who were partners but one unfortunate event splits them apart.

As they blame each other more unfortunate events unveil. And then there is Nicola Tesla with the final magical box.

The film is very slow but it’s worth waiting for as there are wonderful surprises as it progresses that depict the beautiful art it is.

An intense story of obsession and revenge.

4. Memento (2000)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (68)

Release Year2000
Watch time113 min
DirectorsChristopher Nolan
CastGuy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano, Mark Boone Junior
Domestic Box office$25.54M
IMDb Rating8.4
WritersChristopher Nolan
Music ByDavid Julyan
Cinematography ByWally Pfister
Costume ByPatti Podesta

Christopher Nolan’s Memento is one of the initial films that made the world notice his brilliance.

The movie works backward in two color patterns one in black and white shown chronologically and color that is shown in reverse order.

Leonard Shelby suffers from anterograde amnesia and has memory loss after every fifteen minutes. With notes, polaroid photos, and tattoos guiding his journey, the revenge tale is all about being one of the finest plotlines you have ever witnessed. memory, guilt, perception, self-deception, and grief and an ending that will change everything makes every second of the experience worthy.

3. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (69)

TitleInglourious Basterds
Release Year2009
Watch time153 min
DirectorsQuentin Tarantino
CastBrad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Eli Roth, Mélanie Laurent
Domestic Box office$120.54M
IMDb Rating8.3
WritersQuentin Tarantino
Music ByRobert Richardson
Cinematography BySally Menke
Costume BySandy Reynolds-Wasco

Brad Pitt and Eli Roth make headlines with their performances while Diane Kruger shows some polished talent in comparison to the previous years. "The Jew Hunter" SS Colonel Hans Landa finds a Jew family hidden under the floorboards of their neighbors.

He kills everyone but the daughter escapes. Meanwhile, Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) has gathered 8 Jewish American soldiers to kill Nazis behind enemy lines.

Their brutal scalping campaign instills fear among the Germans. Years later when Shoshanna has a new life with a different name, she has a premiere in her theatre luring the Nazi leaders as she plots a massacre.

Quentin Tarantino's talent in the Jewish revenge tale became one of the greatest movies ever to be made by him.

2. Kill Bill (2003)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (70)

TitleKill Bill: Vol. 1
Release Year2003
Watch time111 min
DirectorsQuentin Tarantino
CastUma Thurman, David Carradine, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen
Domestic Box office$70.10M
IMDb Rating8.1
WritersQuentin Tarantino
Music ByRZA
Cinematography ByRobert Richardson
Costume ByYohei Taneda David Wasco

Not sure what exactly could be termed as simple for the mayhem that Tarantino let loose on the world.

This revenge story is all about blood, gore, and deadly revenge. The pregnant bride was attacked on her wedding day and now she awakes after being comatose for four years with no baby but pledging to take revenge on her attackers.

A list that we know will strike out completely by the end of the movie.

The first one to be killed is O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) and then Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox). The chronology mess up will get it to some people but howsoever the movie came to be noted as one of the greatest revenge movies ever made.

1. The Godfather (1972)

Top 70 Best Revenge Movies To Watch In 2023 (71)

TitleThe Godfather
Release Year1972
Watch time175 min
DirectorsFrancis Ford Coppola
CastMarlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Diane Keaton
Domestic Box office$134.97M
IMDb Rating9.2
WritersMario Puzo
Music ByNino Rota
Cinematography ByGordon Willis
Costume ByDean Tavoularis

There wouldn’t be many here who aren’t familiar with one of the greatest movies ever made’ the Godfather’.

Everything is great about this movie as cinematography, background scores, and acting all contribute to elevating the brilliance to the next level.

Mario Puzo’s characters don the best outfits and come alive under Coppola’s spell. Their history begins at the end of the second world war when Marlon Brando rules the roost as Vito Corleone head of one of the large crime families.

Two sons, James Caan (Sonny) and John Cazale (Fredo) are in the business and the third Al Pacino (Michael) who has just come back from the war wants nothing to do with the family business. As all of the clan gather for the wedding of daughter Talia Shire (Connie) to Gianni Rizzi (Carlo Russo).

All the characters are marvelously introduced and the plot situations are laid out beautifully. As the youngest is about to inherit the empire, things don’t go that well for the close ones.

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The movie in total explores the other side of humanity with its violence, dread, and darkness with no fake story to complement it.


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